“From the beginning, my dream was to form the best real estate organization in the world, an organization in which everybody wins – brokers, agents, employees, customers, everybody. This dream has since become reality. I invite you to bring your own dreams of success to RE/MAX.”

-Dave Liniger, RE/MAX Chairman and Co-Founder

Who is RE/MAX Top Properties Real Estate Brokerage?

We grow up to the most recognized real estate Franchise brand in Phuket ,Thailand. RE/MAX Top Properties Agents are the most productive in the real estate industry network in Thailand.
RE/MAX Top Properties Is the leading real estate property of brokerage service provider in Phuket ,Thailand with over 15 years of experience the RE/MAX Top Properties System has proven to be a great success in Thailand.


What does RE/MAX Top Properties do?

We provide a professional real estate brokerage services to real estate buyers and property sellers

We recruit full-time, top-performing real estate agents by serving them. We are in the top-performing real estate agent recruiting business.
Our Franchise Business model depend on the most effective training in the real estate industry, the franchise opportunity is available to everyone.


Why does it matter?

Every house owner and every property buyer want to make their life time investment and they want to be secure and trust with the transaction that they are about to make, Our trusted Property Agents and real estate Broker will give them the confident they need.

What else do you need to know?

Our focus is on the needs of get Buyers & Sellers. Our agents have all the tools and support they need to succeed, both the customers and the Our Real Estate Broker/Owner benefit as well.

RE/MAX Top Properties is interested in making successful Deal between house owner and buyer. The Posting a property model is simple and good for buyer and agents to post their property.

Although RE/MAX Top Properties is having maximum property options available, we’re nimble enough to adjust to the local market’s needs  in Phuket ,Thailand . We’re also aware that many of the best ideas come from those in the field every day – there’s no red tape to cut through in order to find a listening ear. RE/MAX Top Properties is here to serve you


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